Friday, May 14, 2010

Edepth production

After talking to Joseph today. *what a passionate teammate. XD Your fire is so strong, Please don't burn me~ lol*

I have come to this conclusion:

Edepth's pilot episode is going to stay 20 mins, and I decided I will pitch it as it is. One single episode.

The goal is to get feedback and see if people want more of it, and let the executives, marketing people, if any, to have their say.

:P Forget planning for feature, if i plan for feature it will have too many elements that need to change. That's for the future.
For now, 20mins is plenty. We will do that, if this sells nicely, we will do the next 20.

If it doesn't sell, I will do a different project.
I think it will sell in film fests and cons even if it isn't a bomb.
We should make back investment if selling it correctly.

As Joseph mentioned, it's about time to start marketing research as well. In a typical production marketing starts the moment the production starts.... (hm, though technically we are still in pre-production period...) XD

I will request a few pals to help me out on that too.

Let's just take it one step at a time. :P

I haven't forgotten my commissioners. I want to work on Winged One very badly right now. *skipped commencement...* I will wrap up the pitchbook hopefully today, tomorrow, have it sent to Brian, get it ready for pitching and go back to normal life.

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