Sunday, April 18, 2010


just digging out images i could use for the thesis credits, and i have quite a few. O.O It starts to feel like in the past few months all i could think about was one subject. LOL

Sad and fulfilling at the same time.

Its done, but I almost don't want it to be done because i know it's still not quite where it should be for the level of competition in the market place.

But oh well. It's gotta be done.

And I totally gave up on my 3D final, don't even feel like working on it anymore after this, I will take my fail, last semester now, it's not going to hurt me, and I am doing plenty of 3D afterwards.

Move on to the next big challenge, here I come, 20 minutes, it's only 4 times longer than my thesis, right? XD

Plenty of challenges on this one, this needs to match the quality level in the market place, other wise, all the effort will be wasted. Secondly, I need to figure out how to put 3D into this one seamlessly, which is not an aspect SVA covered very much. So I have to do all the homework myself to figure this out. Not going to be easy. sigh.

So far 8 key artists are decided, still nailing down a solid schedule, it's tough because everyone needs to work on this on their spare time including myself.

We have enough color assistants, not enough inkers/clean up artists at all, mainly clean up artists who has the skill level, willingness and time to adapt my style are hard to find.

Any of you animators/drawers out there want to help?

I need good tweeners and good inkers, as well as artists who are good with colors.

There are 286 shots to do. I will take all the help I can get.


Squirrel said...

Good luck! That is quit the project you are undertaking!


Hey, girl.. Thanks for tutoring me that day. Was fun chatting with you.. Truly, you are SUCH an inspiration.. All the very best for the Dustys.. I'll be rooting for your awesome-looking film :-)!