Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animation industry is awesome.

some gestures.... because i lack it on my site. I have to update more gesture drawing I have to my website soon.

I love everything within this animation industry, even at it's most ugly politics, I am still loving it because so far all the people I have met are really exciting to me.

It's amazing how many heroes I can meet staying in the circle. OMG.

What is better than

If you want to look for jobs you just need to meet new friends?
Everyone learning to be team player?
Our homework is watching cartoons, movies and games?

From the kind of corporate games my father used to have to play, number games you have to crunch, this is so much nicer.

It's awesome so far!

Yeah it's not an easy industry to stay in... but for an industry that provides jobs to entertain people, I think it's fair that it should be somewhat challenging to be in it.

I look forward to going around showing my stuff in studios.

I really look forward to going to ASIFA, Woman in animation meetings, going to bar with people, getting to know more people in the field.

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