Friday, March 5, 2010

Salesman on a holy mission

There's a kind of salesman I really like, that's the kind who so deeply believed in the talent and product they have come to know, and will go out their way to ask a million people to put their faith in that talent.

Such passion, I have seen it in...

Producer for Miyazaki, Toshio SUZUKI
Seriously if it wasn't him, there will be no Miyazaki today, Miyazaki isn't a good salesman of his own work.

Fred Seibert, President & Executive Producer of Frederator.
If he did not stand behind countless of talents, there will literally be no MTV, no Nick today as we know it.

(and many other passionate executives who wants good shows to air I believe, if I get to know them better.)

Gundam wouldn't take flight if it wasn't for a passionate magazine editor backing it up.

And one guy who's name I forgot... he talked Japanese theater into screening a touching story of a Chinese man, he was just a college student inspired by a forgotten film, and he turned this forgotten film into a national pheromone.

My passionate friend Trippy who wants to bring Nights back into the big picture.

The fans who campaigned to meet with their favorite game developers.

And perhaps countless of others who i never heard about... or those who are helping me to succeed with the same passion.

Passion behind something can do a lot, but having the passion and the guts to back up something they believe in, even at the time no one else did. Those who succeed really need to respect such force of passion pushing behind them, without these people, without these passion, there's no success.

And with this thought, I am ready to do the same, for others who I can truly believe in.

And seriously, I never knew how much resources I can tap into until I happen to be helping someone else out. I would tap into things I never tried before because I believe I am helping someone else and not myself. I won't be shy if I am not selling my own work. :P

There's a kind of power of kindness and passion that fuels it.