Friday, February 19, 2010

Devoted teammate is truly a blessing

It's rare to come by, but I am grateful I have a few teammates that I can sincerely thank for my thesis' progress thus far.

Not everyone can have the time, and the kind devotion to helping another person's work to the extend I have had the privilege to experience.

That devotion of a few really brought me to tears when I think about it. Those who did film will understand, this kind of help is not just helping, you are literally saving someone from the little hell they created for themselves called "film" or "animation," especially on a deadline.

I won't name names right now but they know who they are.... usually if I have something good to say, I will say it in their face, however embarrassing that might make them feel. lol

I want to be excellent helper like them, I don't want to just give a favor, or just do a job.

I... have been on the other side, and experienced all of these different level of attitudes of people at work. I know how warm it can feel, or how let down it can feel.

I have seen those with ability but can only give a little heart, those who has the heart but no time, those who has the heart but not enough skill, and those who has the skill, and the heart, and the time are truly rare. I hope I will be team with some of them long enough to witness great growth for them.

While understanding and remain grateful that so many are willing to spend their time for me at no cost when I asked, not everyone can afford to give as much as a few people have done.

I am ashamed to say I am not even as good as some of my helpers who really reached out for me, really spent those time to make sure all the work is done right, even if those work are repetitive.

This experience has changed me, at first I thought team spirit is only something i can envy, or dream about, because I have worked on my own for so many years, but to experience it for my own thesis... and maybe years of film making from now, I hope....

It will be a blast.

Snap back to reality a little:

20 sequence to go for inking, the 1 minute fight...omg... soooo many drawings....
20-30 per sequence, joy.

Originally I wanted to finish all inking at March 1st, I am running behind my own schedule. :P Gotta really push this, and finish that sequence for Jackie too.

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