Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rough cut

The rough cut is finally timed out, plus credit it ends up around 6 min 2 seconds, but it will be changed again quite dramatically, my brothers gave me good crits that i really needed, it will improve my cuts, but it will also increase workload unfortunately. (I should have shown him my storyboard or animatic...)

There are some scenes/lines that got cut in my first rough cut because of timing issue... for some reason, whatever I did in flash, always end up being shorter in timing compare to after effects. I have no idea why.... -_-b

Even if i composite at the same time frame count exactly, the sound itself just got lengthened or changed outside of flash, thus some of my sequence become too short, some become too long. Not a fun experience finding this out.

I think my film will get longer than 6 mins.

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