Tuesday, December 15, 2009

animation test

Testing a certain style i want for Shenshu. :) Very crude animation, but i just wanted to see if my idea will work. It seems like it will. I want to get the look of this 1970 Chinese film back in... but with methods slightly more repeatable than this master piece.... the master piece's level is too high for a real commercial production. ^_^bb Just to think how few animators can really do this style its depressing. lol

And i probably need to hire a master to do the backgrounds in real traditional media to get the same look. :O Need.... money..... Oh well, its a film for a much later future but its on my mind. It's likely a film that i won't be making for another 10 years. -_-

I am able to reproduce the link quality with sai, just being able to do it in digital realm will save a lot of money, just need better tweening to be convincing... and adding watercolor texture won't be hard.
i also need to study the old film more closely and figure out a way to repeat it with people with lower skills level so its possible to mass produce, it will never be like the master piece, but at least it might extend it's glory.

A lot of Chinese student has been exploring this style: (I will be self-studying this I guess)




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