Sunday, November 15, 2009

this weekend

I sucked. :(

i didn't finish all that i had in mind, i just couldn't. Tireness built from previous weeks and Wednesday messing up my eating was a big mess up. It extended all the way to Sunday, i felt like i was getting sick but i wasn't. *beeeep*

The only good news this weekend is not related to my thesis at all. Recruiting for new voice actors is going well for Edepth Angel's ova project. But that comes AFTER the thesis.... we lack 4 deliveries from voice actors to get everything in...
I hope everything gets delivered by Jan. And all my big sequence finished.

ARGH, how am i going to live through tomorrow??? T_T

*beeep* i probably should have just rested a whole day but i couldn't bring myself to do it, either. darn darn darn.

Got stuck on the fighting scene's last sequence, but finally solved it after watching UP, however, ran out of steam to tween it and clean it completely. -_-bbb

Orz I fail this weekend. Totally.

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Ben said...

when ur done with ur thesis and think back, its all worth it.