Sunday, November 8, 2009

this weekend

Finished compositing this sequence..... and that's all i managed to do on the weekend unfortunately. :( Because of alot of sensitive timing issue this took a lot longer than normal sequence.

What just gives a blow to my moral is that my mom said the animation is not detailed enough right after I finished it. When I already tried my best effort that i currently can do.... this whole sequence has 250 drawings just for the walk, wait... maybe it's not my best yet, if i want to i can tween more. Argh...! Whatever! The hell with it. I am pretty happy with the outcome except one little thing in the end which i will fix later.

Too late now, i am not adding anything.
I will just admit I am not the best tweener.

Ka-peesh, this is done, damn it.

I have to get better than this.


Squirrel said...

Not detailed ENOUGH! Your mom is more of a perfectionist then you lol. This looks beautiful tho, my god! Amazing

Erin LaVaux said...

I love the background in the top scene - the mushrooms are gorgeous!