Sunday, November 22, 2009

Face modeling walk through

I am remodeling my stuff according to this.

Finally the geometry is good for animation, but it doesn't look like Jeremy in my mind, just look like some generic character still having proportion I will continue to model this next week, need to UV this fast to make it for my deadline.

That's the fastest head I ever done!! lol~~
The artist's method is so efficient. XD

This week's progress:

As of 11/23/09

BIG SEQUENCES- ALL MAJOR SCENES MUST BE DONE BY DEC X JAN - 2 more major high frame rate scenes should be animated soon.

039-40 Forest Pan - 40 secs ------------composited

098-Valka Pan- 30 secs---- ------------composited, need to render

055-70- Lead VS Jeremy fight- 34 secs---- inking

020-25- Eagles Fly- to be estimated----10% -key framed

107-110 But I still want to tell you---0%

Mid- sequences-

017-19-Tell you About-----------------17 inkin 18 inkin 19 done

010-14-I miss you father

015-016-Lift me up-------------------painting 10/32


105-No other way but to write

106-Tearing letter

111-113-I believe in your path--------- keyed


041-Big mushroom----- preped to be animated

087-88-Breaking Pencil-------------animated

Small Sequence-

092-95-City I told you --- 92 done 93 done 94 need BG 95-done ---- compositing

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