Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh dang... O.O

Just checked my subscription to blogger, wow, am i watching a lot of good artists or what? I ought to step it up a bit and post some serious stuff here. XD

This sequence is done! 11:40pm @ Oct 11 2009 HELL YEAH!!! (where's thy lady manner?)

WAIT, today's my dad's B-day! Oh man... (I will shoot him an e-mail i guess, he's far away in China right now)

i will composite this next weekend and have the next big sequence finished.

This looks like a painting.... but it will be moving, everyone is at different speed too so that will be alot of... er... comps to play around. :P
This sequence nearly drove me insane, I have been on it for 2 months... *ever since end of August.* I'm so glad there's only one. T_T

I hope this scene renders..... i really wonder if my thesis can render safely.... anyone who did HD widescreen before got any advice?

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