Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Model sheets, do it once, do it all.

There's a reason I hate doing model sheets, its one of the most tedius must do in the animation production...
Usually the character come out more "dead" looking than usual as well because of all the technical concerns. Not my favorite thing to do. (except model sheets on expressions and key frames) XD

Thankfully, I use the same characters, so if I do it once, i have done it all for my own series. (at least for the base)

However, that is not happening with other more professional pitch and series work though. :P
American cartoon industry doesn't work this way.... I have to... (again) separate my own work from my more professional/class work.
(But i can use my own work as reference)

Taking my own same set of characters to pitch at different places because they are different series doesn't work well with the copyright and release law at all.... and because of my range with my characters, I can't count on one single channel to take it all.
Either I will have to build my own empire (like Disney) or find someone I will forever be happily living under. (Like One piece on Shounen jump) That's the dilemma of mine for the day.

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