Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back from my trip.

Japan Trip: the highlight of the trip is seeing 1 to 1 scale Gundam in person. My otaku dream fullfilled!

Being an artist, I took a 180 shot on it. for my blog i am just showing a sample. I have the rest on my facebook.

One of the market street in Japan that we visited, it's right outside of our hostel. :D

A venting machine for food ordering in a JP restaurant.
That reminds me of Cowboy Bebop and how they ordered their meal.

One of the oldest manga perhaps? lol

I can not get over Japanese toilets! So advanced! They really love being clean!
They have the smallest corner matching trashcan, sound system, sprays, odor removal disposal tray, what next?!

7 stories tall building in Hakihabara just selling anime, manga, figurines and games.
Otaku's heaven.

Meji temple, strangly quiet when it's right next to a noisy shopping street.

Taiwan Trip: the highlight of the trip is actually seeing my long time friends in Tainan.
*Sorry! My English camp students~ I still love you guys XO* (I will upload those photos later)

From Left to Right, Tikal, Shufan, me. :3 The guy? A local, sorta. XD

Missing the old style Taiwan streets in Tainan.

Mu old middle school, still very much remained unchanged.
In fact, the only thing i can recognize in my old home town was my schools. @_@

Shua-biiinnnnn!!! Red bean with condense milk, yummmm.
But i ate until my head hurts. Brain freeze!


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