Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flying out of Japan into Taiwan

The 3 days went fast in Japan.

Japan seriously has the best toilets and bathrooms. XDDD What a clean country.

It's also fairly quiet for a city... with the exception of a few streets. Its probably the cleanest city i have visited other than Singapore. Tongue

I got to see the almost finished Gundam in its place. My otaku dream fullfilled. XDDD

Now i am in Taiwan but i am very tired, i will share more once i have time and strength to do it. I will be in Taiwan for a english camp, so i will be kept busy for two weeks. I hope i can meet up with Tikal and Shufan, my two close friends in Taiwan.

到台湾了,日本真的是很有秩序又干净的地方. 马桶卫生是我看过最高级的了~XD

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