Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taiwanese animation

Since I have been thinking about how to make Shenshu an animation, and picking a style that is unquie for the film, i have thought about Chinese animation. I have seen some great stuff from China, so i began to wonder where are Taiwanese films...

So i searched out some and plus help from my Taiwan friends... some titles thats worth noting:

既然在構思神書弄成動畫要怎麼弄的時候,就想到台灣動畫界現在的景況... 就做了點調查,加上朋友們的幫忙,搜出這些我認為還有競爭力的作品... 大致上看來....正式的作品裡反倒是歐美影響力比較明顯阿~~~XD 台灣本身不就是中,日,美,韓,這些文化加上台灣特有的人間味嗎? 怎麼沒看到有人來一招混合版?

Based on a famous illustrator's story book in Taiwan, probably the most original and popular animation short.

Heavily Disney influenced, (more like trying to be Disney) feature film that's based on a Chinese folkfore.


The one with the old grandma was Taiwan's first original TV series... but it didn't continue after the first season. It's not picked up.

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