Sunday, May 17, 2009

Plans change...

OK, family plan change... now it appears i am no longer going to otakon, instead my trip to over sea is going to extend, I put special family time before career... so cutting down one con is going to change my whole publishing plan.

Since I am already dangerously behind... and plus... my helper Molly got sick... so i have to do the last 34 pages. That felt like a lot when you are doing it alone. OTL

I have 10 pages left right now, I maybe able to place an order tomorrow night.
Safe to say I will have a proof printed for all three volumes, but its not safe to say I will have new books to sell in this con.... especially that the new printer does everything through paypal. I am not used to having such large order going through paypal... another problem is... all my credit cards are at close to their limits, technically... I don't have the luxury to borrow anymore money for print. My best bet now is let people order online themselves.... >_>

Maybe i should put together an artbook and sell that instead. OTL Much cheaper, and higher revenue... dang it.

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