Monday, May 25, 2009

Mystic Shenshu's growth <---挖到寶!

Well, this is probably the later Tian Sung... Looks like a high school student rather than middle school.

I decided to apply the caligraphy style of the person to the character lines as a part of Shenshu's style, it's going to be a manga that has to be done majority in brush and ink. Wooo hoo this is gonna be fun. (*sarcastic*)

The title is written by someone else who's better than me in caligraphy, but i don't have contact with her right now.


一個腦袋不夠用快燒焦了. 每寫一個字戰要翻3個字典很累~ (1.一般辭典 2. 書法字典 3. 成語辭典)畫圖的話加上繪圖圖典~(死)

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