Saturday, May 30, 2009

east and west audience

Perhaps its because western audience (readers) have always used to a bigger variety of people within their group, whenever they see characters, they can only observe the biggest differences. To make my western audience not mix up some of my characters I have to make a greater effort to exaggerate the differences, (good practice for me i guess)

While my eastern friends and audience never have a problem telling each of my characters a part, nor do they have any problem spotting my influences at all. (so sharp it's scary)

Eastern audience really can spot for little differences in characters and accept them as different characters.... i think it's because it's an audience with fairly similar genetic traits, therefore observing little differences to tell people apart becomes a trained skill naturally... and it applies to manga.

Some people are mixing up Tian with Lien..... =_=bb I better work on that, i think they are interpreting any of my black long hair guys as Lien. Tian has plenty of different traits, but they don't know the character so its natural to compare to someone they know.
At least Tian is no more Inuyasha that's an improvement.

(chinese translation below:)
西方的觀眾只能看到最大的不同點,最大的形狀,最大的顏色不同點. 大概是因為平常他們風格就是這樣,也和他們人群中不同的人種比較多有關.

東方的觀眾則是一點點小的變化都能查出來,細膩的可怕~XDDD 人物有一些不同點就能接受是不同的人, 連我受到的影響都能察覺出來. 也許也和他們平時生活的範圍裡都是類似人種有關,都是同種膚色,類似身高時,看小細節的觀察力自然提高...

要我的西方觀眾可以自然分別我不同的人物我還得多下點功夫~=_= 他們分不出天松和烈雷是不同人(不過很可能是不認識新人的關係)....至少新的天松圖不會再被跟犬夜叉混再一起了.

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Shazia said...

That is an interesting observation, and probably very true.

Thank you for sharing this! :D