Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burning to DVD task

First job is to adjust the colors to the TV screen, no biggy, expected it. But then.... when it's skipping frames I went "ARGHHH!!!!"

I knew it, just trying to make a DVD play the way I want to is going to take up my remaining Sunday....

I am just burning the content to DVD, weird enough, i noticed i was losing frames when it's being played on DVD player, it looks rougher than it should, and some timing is not correct either. technical things.... argh.

And the mask sometimes look like weird streaks.... need to fix those.

I need those big machines... render farms, people... arrrgh....

Showing the almost done ver got a lot of feedbacks that is pretty useful to my learning.

Young adults tend to think the animation can be smoother (I agree~ XP The next one should be smoother) but i know it's because i am getting really close to professional standard and yet i am one step away.

It's possible for a single person (I singlely animated this...) to reach to feature quality of refineness, however, that's just going to make me miss the deadline, or it's not going to be colored...or most of the scenes will just be backgrounds and pretty stills, or the final compositing is just going to look bad. Either way~ something's gotta be less. That's animation... the unforgiving medium.

Anyhow, i have something to hand in now, i will hand this "rougher" version in for class, and fix it up during the summer as well as work on my thesis. lol This time i am organized enough to do it, while i will never go back to my second year film.

I showed the video to the kids i was teaching, and then to my aunt, funny enough, the kids got the story in the intro, and they even add voice over on it as they watch, but not my aunt, she didn't get the story. lol

Teaching kids from 5 to 13 reminds me of why i decided to go into this biz, we have been hammered with the industry information so much we forgot that we once thought this was a cool thing to do.

If myself as a kid sees me right now, she will probably think I am doing something really cool.

現在要交作業的工作就是把動畫轉到DVD上,果然碰到意料以外的問題...顏色需要調是小事但是時間,和動作上面的呈現都有差別讓我很 ^&%*


青年人會挑動畫不夠細 (反省中~下一部會更細膩點)
看看自己2年級的作品和這部比起來,我很滿意自己的進度,我跳躍了一大截. 下一部一定會更好.



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