Saturday, March 14, 2009

avatar line test of 1th season by *blacksataguni on deviantART

Chinese: 這才是我想做的動畫風格~迪士尼很酷但是這比較接近我要的程度.

Now, That's the kind of animation I would like to do! Disney style is awesome but this is closer to what I want to achieve.

Watching from these pencil tests, I realize my own animation needs more joint and overlapping movement to create the smaller arcs and more natural movement, lets see if i can do that for my thesis. If i can pull it off i will be one step closer to what I want to be.

Such complex characters he did it flawlessly, no consistency problem what so ever, the secret is in the way he layered and sketched the figures, i realized what I did wrong. I shall change my ways.

Thank you Iron for showing me the link. I am so excited i think i can die happy. I shall watch this guy's pencil test again and again and stalk him closely.

:click to see In progress WIP:
(cells colored by Jessica Herman)

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