Friday, January 16, 2009


Originally i wanted to shade it more... but i think i can get away with it in these scenes. :P

As I plan for my pilot, I find the need to recruit more animators to handle scenes and tweening.
I do have a very strict requirement to get my characters drawn on model, and i want to get tweeners who obviously can do that.
I don't want to see stiffness, I don't want to see the lack of anatomy, nor do I want to see a hint of mis-interpretation of my anime style. (alot of american style artists  tend to miss the small details when copying anime style, making the character look cheesy.)

The reason for that strictness is so i can get quality tweeners.... (hopefully I do find a few who can achieve it... even just 1-2 person will be great!)

The tweeners will be in charge of handling sensitive inking for a big part of a few sequences.
I will key frame the major key, but the rest will be left to the tweener to interpret the lines from my rough draft animation.

I will probably device a model sheet test after Edepth opening sequence is finished, I will run the model sheet test as a contest, and recruit the best 3-5 artists who can do so accurately for the pilot, to train them personally to animate even if they have never animated before.

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