Saturday, January 24, 2009

new hero

新房 昭之, Shinbō Akiyuki

New animation hero, because he's a superb director, you can tell by the way he directed his series, everyone had so much fun doing it... and the subtlety in making their current series a perfectly diverse portfolio to kill 3 birds with one stone is just mind blowing. Their way to cut the work load is so good, it developed a style.

Ex: laborious crowd scene is done with a selective style that cuts work, mindless running cycle is shot from overhead so the animators can do less work on that, and focus on the major action. Boring lip sync is cut out with randomly inserted graphic to cut down work. Boring and obvious transition in the story is cut for the viewers to piece it together themselves.
Using the opening and ending sequence, using different drawing styles so regularly to diverse their portfolio with just the current series they work on... to even leaving notes to friends and co-workers in random places!

Their experience in cutting out unneeded workload is admirable, making the production a true fun experience. If I was in JP, I would be knocking on their doors right now begging them to take me in for internship. I would mop their floors, pour them tea, to get it!

I want to be a director like that, not just producing quality work,
but allow everyone to have some sort of fun to it. :D

But........ not every series can be handled that way... I have to think hard on what kind of project can we unleash our creativity on.

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