Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grammar frustration

O_o My brothers say that I use curses inappropriately and weird, its better off I not use any in life and my work.

Er, that got me wondering, do I really use curse words weirdly?

Or they just don't like to see me use curses?

Also, Another thing... Lisa from Developing the animated series class told me my pitchbook still has grammar mistakes and typo, which resulted my A+ to A.

That reason REALLY bothers me, more than the half a grade down... since I asked 3-4 people to correct my grammar and they even rewrote most of my work, (as well as rereading it myself, but I hope I had the time to have someone else re-read it) which I regret, actually... I find that I lost my own voice under all that rewrite, and it becomes a frustrating experience, and Lisa corrected most of my work as well except the last minute character info, and be honest to God, I hated all the rewrites, it not just frustration, it's a constant battles of trying to make my own voice stay, because people keep changing my messages.

The pitch book class has been the most frustrating class I have had since English Literature. The fact that I can never shake my grammar problem as a writer is just frustrating, even though I know editors are a profession for a reason.

Then I have my brothers tell me I even use curses incorrectly, what a way to blow my confidence in English language even lower. Lisa keeps saying if I had done it in my native language, I would have done better. Truth is, my Chinese is about as good as my English right now, my Chinese friends will always correct me of my grammar in Chinese too. However...... I did notice the way my teacher would correct something is completely different from the people my age, what's acceptable saying for people in their 20s, sounds weird for people in their 50s, the way a Canadian would correct my English is different from an American would correct it.... if English varies this much from age, and area, it's a bit hard to say which is acceptable which is not. Adding onto my confusion... -_-b

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