Saturday, October 4, 2008

Declare my right hand a drawing hand

After completing this picture only with my right hand (I am left handed) I can now officially declare my right hand as a drawing hand, except I have a title: "Slow hand" for it. lol~ My left is still the fast one.

Right hand can't ink nor animate yet, inking is the next goal... eventually also animating. Right now all it can do is pencil and illustration.

This says something about the process of the various art form, illustration allows for slow speed and less steady hands, inking needs a steady hand and needs a slightly faster speed, and animation needs a fast hand.

W00t! I did it! It feels so monumental!

Dan: "Are you preparing for when your left hand gets cut off?"

Me: "I don't need my left hand to be cut off before I need my right! Carpal tunnel syndrome ! Heard of it?"

The reason behind this is... one time I drew too much and my left starts crying in pain on me for 2-3 days, one time I animated too much (during second year) and my left felt very sore for 1 week.

If I can switch hands just like that when my dominate hand feels tired, the burden will be shared and I might be able to avoid the common professional health problem in my career.

I have been training more seriously since freshmen year, it's paying off in my third year.

經過3年的練習後,右手現在可以畫成上面這幅的成果! (我是左撇子)
自從左手工作過度快要罷工以後, 我就開始練右手, 雙手都能畫就比較能夠避免一些職業病的問題.
右手現在還不能上墨線, 也還不能畫動畫, 上墨線是下個目標~:)

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