Friday, September 5, 2008

Screen play


School just started.
Originally I really wanted to drop my painting class, but now after attending the first class, I can't drop it anymore. I feel I will learn a lot from the teacher, I know I have learned important points already that I missed while self-studying on the first day, after the professor's near 6 hours painting demo. It was long.... omg.... but he's damn good. At first I thought he would be kind of stuck-up, but he's not. He's just.... very specific, and very scientific to his painting approach.

So scientific I would call it kind of "crazy".... everything is in numbers and percentages. Well~~~ I am just a few steps under him since I like using percentages too for my work, but he's just nuts. I am not surprised that his son went into numbers.

1. Paint the background to the value of the overall shadow

2. The value of the subject that's similar to the value of the shadow should have blurred edges

3. The process of under painting is similar to the process of charcoal drawing, more lifting than adding, I have been doing it wrong.

4. It's ideal to use more angles at the start up if one wants to achieve classical painting structure. The method of using your arm and pencil to measure is less accurate, rather, extend the angles you observed and cross those lines of measurements and establish their relationships.

5. A kneading needle is great for measuring tool.

7. The reason why classical painters used raw umber a lot for under painting was.... because it dries the fastest. TA DA.

8. The reason not to start painting with a white canvas but a toned canvas is: If you paint on white surface, anything will look too dark, and you may easily end up with a picture that's too light, so it's better to start with a toned canvas.

Thanks to him I have a lot of shopping to do this weekend.... A LOT of it.

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