Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just noticing my taste changes....

I suck at Cityscape, but being with Edepth and also... the coming wild city, I imagine I will be stuck with doing cityscape for a while.

I am running out of ideas, not out of reference... ideas to imagine and design buildings that has some sort of personality and history to it. I struggle with modern cityscape so much is because they tend to lack it.... so one needs a real careful eye, find the reason behind their designs.

another problem I have is style.... right now all I do is ink every freaken line I drew.... but that gets boring, I thought of other ways I saw before doing a cityscape, and think there must be more....

I don't dread using photographs for textures and reference, but I absolutely dread the way sooo many mangas use the photographs edited to do cityscape, it lacks personality, it lacks thought. I rather see a simple cityscape drawing, than photographs that obviously does not match the style (unless the artist is doing it to make a joke)

At first... all of the concept art on futuristic city seemed cool to me, now I can look at some and see the lack of knowledge behind the design, or the deep thoughts that went into designing.

Right now... I find my distaste in art that obviously lack knowledge and just following trends. (felt like I sounded like my brother... for a sec.)

Just simply one word.... 俗。 (So common it lacks depth)


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