Thursday, July 24, 2008

I bought Sai

I gave them the money they deserve, it's reasonable price too.

It's not hard to fall in love with a program so light and so efficient, and allows you to rotate your canvas so easily like you are rotating paper, with the color palette like Painter... a perfect light program.

I decided I will stick with my plan of using Sai to lineart all my animation sequence in psd files, that's the only way to get any decent lineart.
Edit: No, wait, I am going to lineart and color all of my animation layers except the background in Sai. ha ha ha. (because it can actually color pretty well) Now I am grinning like CD.

sai 買下來了, 因為crack不是很好用, 老是不成功, 雖然可以一直跑trial, 還是討厭時間到的心情, 想想也該把該給的錢給這些辛苦的程式設計家和公司, 讓他們能夠發展更好的程式.
Good job, systemax. :P 你們在防盜, 設計, 構思上都讓我覺得花這50美金很划算~XD 用sai來畫動畫才漂亮啊~~~


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