Thursday, July 3, 2008

back from Florida

I haven't got the photo in yet....

We went to Florida outpouring... the Christian healing service my mom is very into.

Then we went to The Sea World, saw some dophin and killer whale show and walked around all day seeing all the different shows; finally my parents decided to be generous and K-in 400 bucks for us to go to Disney World-Disney Hollywood.

What I got most out of was the car stunt show, how they modified their cars and the tricks they used and shared. There was fire, water, all sorts of intensive shots. It's a show not to miss. :)
Right, I saw some nice work-in-progress sketches in the Animation block too, those are nice to see.

I caught a cold from going in and out of air conditioned room and the steaming heat... X_X

And the storm weather is very consistent, hot in the morning with sunshine, and it definitely rain and storm in the afternoon... so most of our trips are... half a day. XD

To be honest I still wished we had gone to some kind of nature related places.... but we had no interest in the beaches, and what else is there in Florida but Disney??? X_X Disney almost practically owns the state! You can feel it the moment you arrive at the air port! XD

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Gingashi said...

I hope your cold got better- overall that sounded like a pretty fun trip! I'm sure you must have done quite a good amount of sketches too right? That must be nice going on a family vacation like that, I haven't been on one in a while!

For the color test- I got:

Willing and adaptable. Only at peace when closely attached to a person, group, or organization on a which reliance can be placed.